More about Uniswap

More about Uniswap

There is no maximum set to how many UNI tokens can be in existence, as the UNI max supply if infinite. 1 billion was the initial amount of UNI tokens created, but starting 4 years after its launch, an additional 2% will enter circulation each year.

The inflation is designed to reward UNI holders that actively participate in Uniswap governance and discourage those that don’t. Over time, the amount of UNI distributed to community members will gradually increase through this mechanism.

Here is how the intial Uniswap supply was divided:

  •    Community members (protocol users and liquidity providers): 60%
  •    Team members and employees (4-year vesting): 21.26%
  •    Investors (4-year vesting): 18%
  •    Advisors (4-year vesting): 0.69%

Uniswap is one of the leading projects in decentralized finance and has made numerous milestones since it began in 2018. A few of its most impressive achievements are:

November 2018 – Uniswap launches on the Ethereum mainnet

May 2020 – Uniswap launches the v2 version of its protocol

September 2020 – The TVL of Uniswap surpasses $1 billion

September 2020 – Uniswap launches the UNI token

May 2021 – Uniswap v3 launches on the Ethereum mainnet

May 2021 – The TVL of Uniswap surpasses $10 billion

July 2021 – Uniswap launches on the Optimism layer 2

June 2022 – Uniswap Labs acquires Genie, an NFT marketplace aggregator